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Welcome to Pinnacle Communications. The best one stop solution for everyone with Radio communication requirements in Zambia. Quick, friendly service and Best prices on Radio supply, repeater and trunking networks, for voice, data, and security. Reliable Wifi networks for high speed internet and long distance security, ultra fast warning, monitoring, CCTV and surveillance systems. Manned or remote. Just one quick call will get it done.


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Our Services


For the best possible prices on radio equipment and supplies to the largest networks we have a solution tailored to every client. From voice communication to wifi distribution and security systems, either remote or manned.  We use the best technologies to work faster and with unsurpassed reliability. Click to see more:

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Security through Knowledge


With our sister company OCTOPUS SECURITY providing unsurpassed peace of mind protecting assets right accross Zambia. We can help clients from our offices all over the country to provide communication experience and technology. No company is better placed to get 'boots on the ground' when the situation calls.


Farming Done Right


Farm walkie-talkies and two way Radios will Keep the difficult and complex moving parts of a farm running smoothly while keeping you in control. We know a large farm means hard work and a lot of ground to cover. But we know that with our rugged systems you will save your time and money every day of the year.

The Pinnacle Difference?


With years of experience here in Zambia we test our systems in the field every day with the help of thousands of employees working in our company OCTOPUS SECURITY.  So we know how to communicate!  Find out the key differences that set us apart. Including our 22 step testing and reliability checks for perfect results:

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The Perfect Solution?


Our Experts are here to help. From a quick friendly chat on the 'phone confirming the best price on a radio, to a computer modeled topographical recreation of your fully integrated communications system. We have the time to find the best solution for you.  We work faster, and deliver the best prices in the industry.


Mining for Copper


We know mining is complex and creates difficult conditions but our long established bases in the copper belt means we have the staff and expertise to supply the right communications solutions for operations large and small. Today, as the world’s hunger for raw minerals continues to grow, investing in the right communication solution is critical to success.  

Network Dependancy


We use the latest 3D terrain computer mapping technology to simulate and test radio and wifi networks before they are even installed. Our job is complete peace of  mind for the client. Couple that with our 24 hour, 7 days per week service and expertise for a stress free work environment and absolute peak reliability:

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The African Edge


Pinnacle Communications is a 100 percent Zambian company with years of experience of how to solve unique problems in the most challenging conditions. Importing high value equipment on a daily basis we know how to get everything you need installed quickly using our local knowledge throughout the country.


Universities and Hospitals


We can help create an environment that is safe and secure, where staff can perform at their best. Manage incidents and emergencies, and prevent security breaches from happening. Providing a high quality experience for patients, visitors and students day and night. Real-time communications will strengthen safety, elevate service and improve your efficiency. 


'Communication is everything'

— Mike Bell (Founder)


A Top 10 Service

We use the latest technology and unsurpassed expertise to get the job done better. However, ultimately Pinnacle is about three numbers. For 25 years we have been here to help 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

That is the Pinnacle difference. 

Pinnacle Radio Communications LTD

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